Should I Have Two "Personal" Facebook Profiles?

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Should I Have Two "Personal" Facebook Profiles?



How many Facebook accounts do you have? Do you know anyone who has two profiles - one for business and one for personal use? Have you ever considered creating a second profile for your "other" online persona? 


Many business professionals would defend the need to have two Facebook profiles.  How do they keep up? And where do they find the time to lead split personalities?   


As a person who holds many hats including a business owner, a mother and a martini drinker, I can completely understand why people are scared of mixing business with pleasure.  


Yet, as a person of logic, I recommend one personal profile for the following reasons.


People will know that you have two profiles and most likely because you have told them.  But if you didn't spill the beans, it's quite likely between mutual friends, wall feeds and word of mouth, your not-so-secret-life is going to be revealed.  


It's time consuming to have two Facebook profiles.  You will spend time reading notifications, switching back and forth between accounts, sorting friends, uploading media and updating statuses.  


It's complicated enough to have one Facebook, why have two? The simple answer is to have one personal Facebook profile.  If for some reason you think you are famous enough to have a two, create a "public figure" profile.  Or if you would like to distribute information to specific groups of people simply adjust your privacy settings.  


Let's face it folks, if you don't want information going viral, don't post it - enough said.

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