Should I Post a Marketing Campaign During Holiday Season?

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Should I Post a Marketing Campaign During Holiday Season?

Do I continue marketing during the holidays?


The crystal clear answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Do business folks really disconnect during their vacation and holidays? It’s a personal choice. Some decidedly disconnect and some can’t resist peeking at social media and emails. It’s only natural human curiosity… and as we all tell ourselves, “It’ll only take a minute”.


beach-work.jpgSo you’re thinking, “Aha! I will send my marketing as usual in case people like this guy are paying attention. He’s on the beach but is clearly not about to jump in the water anytime soon. Who’s he kidding?”


However, while the guy on the beach is definitely paying attention to voice mail, email, and social media, we cannot assume he is ready to take ACTION. And that’s what we’re hoping for, that our prospects will answer our Call To Action.


It appears that I’m going to advocate waiting until the holiday season is over to resume your marketing. Wrong! There are many types of marketing content and messages, and some of them are just perfect for this beach-working dude. Here are just 2 ideas.


(1) Send your email campaign before the holiday season to simply say, “Happy [insert holiday time here]” A fun image that represents that holiday, plus a simple message of CARING. Example:

Happy Labor Day!  Labor Day is dedicated to the achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

We at [company name] honor this wonderful time by reaching out to all of the terrific people we’ve met during our professional journey, and you’re on the list! We hope you and your family are taking the much needed time to relax and appreciate this special holiday!
(2) Send your email campaign during the holiday season to alert your clients and prospects of what is coming up in your company or industry during the next few weeks, and use it as a simple reminder or ‘save the date’ or did you know type of message. No call to action, just a warm and friendly reminder of how much you CARE about them and letting them know that new events or services or products are coming soon.


Get the pattern here? You can use the Constant Contact templates for cards because you’re simply sending a short and caring message. No sales pitches, no ACT NOW type of stressful messages. People don’t want stress during the holidays so that type of message will cause adverse reactions (i.e. opt outs!)


Hope this clarifies what kind of marketing really does work during the holiday season. It’s also easy to plan out and create in advance. Schedule it to go out a day or two before the holiday officially begins, and you’re good to go!

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