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Should you be Providing Value instead of Selling?

CTCT Employee

Should you be Providing Value instead of Selling?

I came across an article on Killer Startups today that talks about the notion of selling and “Four Ways to Provide Value rather than Sell

Killer Startups


The four ways described are Don’t Sell, Believe, Offer the best solution (even if it’s not yours) and Meet the right person.  These four are great things to think of when pitching your products or services.  The ones that stand out to me the most are Believing and Offering the best solution.  Believing is something we do a lot of here at Constant Contact.  We operate on the stance that we are in business to help small businesses.  We believe in our products and service, as well as the fact that they can be helpful to our customers.  As stated in the article “authentic passion is infectious and attracts prospects and clients.”


Offering the best solution, even if it’s not yours is a hard concept; however, if you are presenting the best solution for the person or company it can create confidence in you and what you are selling.   If you can go into a meeting and not only present your product/service, but engage with those prospects, you can help them to find their best path.  You will make yourself and the product you represent memorable, and maybe down the line you will be their best solution.


Take a look at the article here