SlideShare: An Untapped Social Media Gem

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SlideShare: An Untapped Social Media Gem

Successful businesses know the importance of having a presence across all social media platforms. It is a simple way to reach potential or existing customers or clients, and a way to get known in the community and within your company’s industry.


Just participating on a social network’s platform isn’t enough. You have to give your followers, business associates, customers or clients, something to keep them coming back to your social media pages, or to want to get notifications in their streams.


When you want to connect with businesses on a deeper level, and gain recognition in your industry, you have to go further. That’s why any small slideshare.jpgbusiness on SlideShare will see the platform as a useful tool for gaining industry respect and recognition, increasing your visibility across the Internet, and getting leads.


What is SlideShare and What Connection Does it Have With LinkedIn?


Someone posed this very question in the community LinkedIn area, and the best and most comprehensive answer came from LinkedIn member Brijendra Chaudhary, who noted that LinkedIn owns the professional content-sharing platform, SlideShare, which it bought for $119 million in cash and stock. “Slideshare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations.” Chaudary went on to suggest that the reason SlideShare is so unique and so incredibly effective, is because users can take advantage of SlideShare’s many features that let them share presentations across multiple social media platforms – at the same time.


Once you have a SlideShare account, you can upload presentations to any of your social media accounts and have it show up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Slideshare. You can almost anything because of the many platforms SlideShare supports, including ppt, pps, pptx, odp, pdf, doc, docx, odt, keynote, iWork pages and even YouTube videos.


Every small business on SlideShare, needs to understand how important the platform is, or can be for their business. To prove the great impact it can have on businesses, Column Five Media created an infographic using data from ComScore. The infographic clearly shows SlideShare generates five times as much traffic from other businesses as any other social media platform, including LinkedIn – SlideShare’s owner and parent company.

SlideShare’s traffic comes from social media networks or searches, so businesses that don’t take advantage of SlideShare to increase visibility and generate leads, are losing out on an opportunity to grow their businesses.


Advice for Creating the Best SlideShare Presentation


Suggestion #1 – Make Your Presentation Interesting

Since you’re placing your presentation on SlideShare, make sure the slides explain things clearly.

Don’t go for the artistic effect because that will overpower the message you’re trying to share. Make sure the fonts you choose are very easy to read, and add images that are powerful enough to create a strong impact.


Make sure that you create a high-quality presentation. Hire professional illustrators, photographers or writers if necessary. You’ll get more exposure and develop more business contacts, which should be the goal of your SlideShare presentation.

Stick to simplicity. Focus on the message, keeping it short, but easy to understand.


Create a story through your presentation, and make sure it flows in a logical sequence – beginning, middle and end. If you give your audience a story that captures their attention and sustains their interest, you’ll captivate them all the way to the end.


Use the best content marketing concepts to make the material interesting. Your goal is to show the audience how much you know, and let them know that you’re an expert in your industry. Let them see that they can learn something from your experiences, and that your help will help them deal with challenges they’ll find in the industry.


Suggestion #2 – Take Advantage of SlideShare Features


Sharing – Learn about editing the presentation and how you can make it publicly visible, or keep it private, and only let people or groups you specify see it.


Embedding – SlideShare has a feature that gives you a code you can use to embed the presentation in your blog or on your website.

If you make your presentation public, other users will be able to access the code, and they can use it to share the presentation wherever they want, and that will give it more exposure – across the different social media networks. If your business is new, this is a fantastic way to get some free publicity and develop name or brand recognition.


Learn about the audio and video capabilities of SlideShare using YouTube.


Social sharing features will let you share the presentation on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Download the LinkedIn app so you can feed the presentations you create directly to your LinkedIn profile. Since you are trying to generate leads, focus on research and discovery. If you have popular content on your website, don’t be afraid to reuse it. Just recognize that you’ll have to tweak it enough to make it effective on the SlideShare platform.


Take advantage of testimonials, success stories and anything else that proves how good your product is, or that your concept works.

Make sure you include contact information in your SlideShare presentation, and include links throughout. That will help you drive traffic to your website or to the relevant landing pages. Although it is important to include links and give contact information, don’t allow those things to interrupt the flow of your presentation. Always end your presentation with a call to action. By the time someone gets to the end of the presentation, they’re obviously interested in what you have to say. Strike while the iron is hot and make it easy for them to contact you right away – before they have a chance to think about something else.


Are you using Slideshare? Have you had success in making connections and capturing leads? I would love to hear about your success! Connect with me on SlideShare at





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