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Small Business Bonfire Interviews Gail Goodman

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Small Business Bonfire Interviews Gail Goodman

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On Monday, June 4th, Emily Suess of Small Business Bonfire posted an interview with our own, Gail Goodman regarding her new book "Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins In A Socially Connected World". This is a 2-part interview, so be sure to check back on the board for the follow up.


Here is one of the questions/answers from the post:


Emily: Why do you think engagement marketing is so important for small business owners?


Gail Goodman: Growing sales is always a big challenge for small businesses.  Small businesses know that repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals are their most reliable sources of revenue. In fact, I’ve had countless conversations with small business owners who have said that 99% of their business comes from these two channels. Engagement marketing is all about growing this 99%.


Engagement marketing enables small business owners to market to a group of people they already know — their existing customers! — using many of the tools they already have, such as a Facebook Page, an e-newsletter, a Twitter account. Engagement marketing is easier, less expensive and more trackable then trying to reel in people you don’t know.


Read the rest of Gail's interview here: "How Engagement Marketing Works for Small Businesses"