Small Business Spotlight Tip #2 - How to Grow Your List

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Small Business Spotlight Tip #2 - How to Grow Your List

As a Constant Contact Partner I use online marketing to help my clients get new customers, and I know that the following tip is one challenge every small business faces.


Your tip for today will be on growing your email list. The best tip for that is to simply take every opportunity both in-person and online to ask people to subscribe to your newsletter. How do you do that?




  • Keep a printed sign-up sheet on display at your business;
  • Put a join my mailing list button on your website;
  • Make sure you let your social media followers know about your newsletter too. You can do this in two ways:

        1. By placing Constant Contact's free Facebook sign-up app on your Facebook page. From there, fans can join your

           mailing list right from your Facebook page, and
        2. You should include social media follow buttons in every email campaign that you send out to your audience.


You see, it's all about making it easy for people to act, and each one of the suggestions above will do just that.


I hope this tip helps you to not only grow your email list, but your business as well.


See you next time for tip #3 in the "Small Business Spotlight Tip" series, and while I'm away, be sure to find out more about how you can grow your list with Constant Contact.

Romona Foster
Social Media Trainer & Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert