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Social Media: Are You Really In?

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Social Media: Are You Really In?

Social Media to Win.jpgMany small business owners become unsatisfied with their results from social media marketing and just give up; thus missing out on a potential gold mine of publicity and customers. Unfortunately, they often give up too early in the game and without fully recognizing the impact.
The key to social media success for small business owners is to show up as the unique, funny, and loveable human being that you truly are, with consistency and with commitment.  
Half-hearted participation in social media is far worse than no participation at all. A few scattered posts just broadcasts to the world that as a business, you’re okay with doing things half-heartedly. Obviously, that’s a branding message that no one wants to send. 
The real key to amazing social media success is to figure out where your target audience hangs out online, and to learn to love to hang out there too. If you find time to be a challenge, calendar fifteen minutes a few times a week until you build the habit.  
This process of learning to love something that isn’t at first in your comfort zone can take time, especially if you’re not from the “social media generation.” Just remember: if it’s possible to learn to love exercising or eating broccoli, it’s also possible to learn to love hanging out on social media. You might even find that you come to love it!
And of course, the only way for you to really love your social media time is if you show up as you, not as some imaginary cardboard “professional” representation of your business.  How else can you truly be engaging?
A good way to think about this is to imagine that in your social media time, you’re at a cocktail networking party. Some of the people there you know well, some you don’t. In this kind of social situation, you know it’s important to speak respectfully, but it’s equally important to have fun.  
As long as you’re following the rules of basic consideration and compassion for the people you’re addressing in your social media posting and commenting, you’ll be “professional” enough.  
So keep your eye on the prize: go where your audience is, hang out there consistently and learn to love it. Show up as yourself – and you’ll give your audience plenty to love and a reason to come back.  
They’ll look forward to seeing posts from you, as your posts will stand out as genuine. Result? They’ll think affectionately about your brand and therefore be much more inclined to buy from YOU and to tell others about your services.  


So if you really want to succeed at social media, you have to be in it to win it!



Linda D'Angelo
The Small Biz Shop
Master Certified Solution Provider
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