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Social Media Badges;email link?

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Social Media Badges;email link?



For our email list, we have utilized the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and blog badges that are hyperlinked to those sites. I have seen on other sites an email bade (small envelope maybe). I would be interested in using one of those, rather than writing our email address out in full. Is there any way to include one?



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Re: Social Media Badges;email link?

Hello Jonah,


First you will need to upload an image of the email badge (image) you want to use.


Go into the block where you want to place the mailto link.

Click on the Edit icon .

Select your image from your library and  in the section: "Make image a clickable link to", type in email address)

The "mailto:" is important before your email address. No space between the colon and your email address.


If you have already added your image to the block, then right click the image.
Choose "Change" from the menu that appears. It will take you back to your image library


Click the Save icon.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,







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