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Social Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution

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Social Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution


Mark Mikelat Be the Solution to the Noise Pollution.jpgSocial Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution


by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations


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Help me! I am overwhelmed by social media. It is crazy, is it not? Just, wait ten minutes, it will get crazier. There is a cacophony of noise. It is not conversation, it is not communication, it is just noise. Noise is just value-less sound. Please do not add to the problem. Follow these tips and you can be the solution to the social media noise pollution.


Noise Pollution is bad


Please do not confuse a noise and a sound. Perhaps a scientist with expertise in acoustics might correct me, but please allow me to share my opinion. A sound has some redeeming value, while a noise does not. A bird chirping is a pleasant sound, but a hundred birds squawking is noise. I recall an apartment with thin walls I once had next to a couple prone to loud arguments. Frustratingly, they argued in Arabic, and hence I could not understand. Since I did not understand the source of the argument, there was no entertainment value for me. That was noise. Social media is overloaded with noise, and it continues to get worse. But, with your help, we can be the solution to the pollution.


Silence is better than noise


Often times it is better to remain silent. Sometimes silence is good. I remember one of the best managers I ever had. He very seldom said anything in meetings, and when he did, it was invariably the most important thing said. He only spoke when he had something to say. Please adopt that attitude. Do not remain silent forever. Simple, wait until you have something important to say. The exact amount of wait time will certainly depend upon you, your business and your social media channel. While not posting on Facebook for three months might be problematic, posting ten times a day grows our noise pollution problem. Simply break your silence when your have something of value to share.


When you say something, really say something


What you share does not need to be earth-shattering, or brilliant. It just needs to be of value to your target market. If the market wants you to share, post, or communicate very often, then this is certainly not noise, because there is value. Remember, however, that you do not determine the value, your target market does. If you are creating engagement with your posts, then you have confirmation that you are not noisy. You really are adding to their online experience.


Do not speak about which you do not know


Even if you have supportive social media fans, your relationship with them can quickly sour if you do not stay in your lane. Because you have the ear of your fans, in one area, it does not mean that you are loved in everything. Stay in your lane by sharing and conversing in your area of expertise. Pontificating about new and random topics will quickly alienate your fans. My mom would have called this being a busy-body. I would call it being a Cliff Clavin. If you are under 30, please Google that reference, and then come back. Talk about that which you know, otherwise you are just being noisy.


Be the pollution solution


So, now that we have a clear understanding of the problem, let us offer a solution. Know when enough is enough. This strategy will be very specific to your circumstances, but you can determine the proper threshold by monitoring and managing your social media marketing presence. The market's reactions in the form of their engagement, or lack thereof will help you determine where your message crosses the line into being noise. Just like you management your web traffic, you too must manage your social media influence. Noise can quickly change your social media influence to market nuisance.


Treat others like you would like to be treated


Along with the analytic strategy just described, there is a more general, but more powerful edict to follow. Simply treat other people as you would like to be treated. You do not like it when people overwhelm you with stupid messages, aggressive sales pitches, or a stream of Facebook invites to the new ridiculous game of the week. You consider this noise. So, please do not be noisy back. Show respect to people by sharing messages that are loaded with redeeming value. Share messages that are educational, inspirational, motivational, funny, intriguing, or otherwise of worth to your social media fans.


Please be the solution, to the social media noise pollution


Do you need help implementing the pollution solution? Building Aspirations can help put this success plan into action for you. Connect with us today. We are experts with social media marketing. You know your business. Building Aspirations knows social media.

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Re: Social Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution

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Re: Social Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution

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Re: Social Media Marketing - Be The Solution to the Noise Pollution

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