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Social Media Marketing That Converts

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Social Media Marketing That Converts

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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You should be reaping huge benefits from your social media marketing. The way that you do this is by focusing on results and for many that means conversion. You want to convert your fans and follows into buyers. Let me share with you a short article on how to do just that. I will tell you how to create Social Media Marketing that Converts.




You need to connect with your fans. First, you will need to determine the best channels to connect to your target market. Do they go to Pinterest or Instagram? Do they open your Email Newsletters often? Do they watch your videos on Facebook? Or, perhaps they prefer your blog. Your social media marketing is about them, not about you. This means that you connect with them on their terms, where they prefer to receive the information. An award winning campaign on Instagram does not help you connect with your target market, if they are not fans of that social media channel. Connect with them on the channels that they prefer, and then engage with them there.




Engagement is a critically important part of every customer experience, and the examples are everywhere. When recommends products to you, they are engaging with you. When your car mechanic sends you a birthday card, they are engaging with you. When your realtor sends you a house warming gift, they are engaging with you. Follow these offline examples online. Acknowledge, and appreciate your fans. Listen to their feedback and comments. Answer them back, and start a conversation. This is a form of fan mail, and you need to answer your fans. Next, build and strengthen this relationship by providing value.


Provide value


Your fans on social media follow you because of the value that you provide. You intrigue them, inspire them, motivate them or make them laugh. Value is more than just a deal. Consumers seek far more than the best deal. They want the best experience. Provide this to them. If you are curious about how to provide value to them, ask them. You can learn how to provide engagement and value with a thoughtful survey, QA session, or Twitter chat. A good business leader listens to their target market. Your empathy and active listening is an incredibly valuable market research tool.


Entice for more value


Next, provide more value. Let us suppose that you provide leadership coaching. Your social media shares might provide quick insights into how executives might motivate their staff and recognize productive employees. Those that find this valuable might want to subscribe to your membership site, or purchase your training materials, or hire you to train their team. This additional value is best served bit, by bit. A potential client, might see your Facebook posts, and then subscribe to the email list to learn more and then start reading your blog to learn even more. In each circumstance you provide more and more value, and continue to invite your fans to invest in even more, higher-value products and services. You do this with an obvious and specific call to action.


Have a call to action


Your call to action tells your fans what to do for them to experience the higher value. The most obvious example might be a buy button, but there are many variations. Perhaps you want a social media fan to register, or download, or donate. The key is to wrap all of the principles into this call to action. Make it engaging, enticing, and value-packed. Secondly, make it very obvious. We are all overwhelmed with information and a call to action that is ambiguous will provide poor results. A powerful call to action might be ‘call us today.’ The most effective call to action is one that is direct, specific, and obvious.


Monitor, manage, and repeat


Finally, you need to manage this whole process. If it worked, do it again. If it did not work, fix it. Was there a technical issue? Perhaps the timing was poor, or the channel was wrong. Please do not just set and forget your social media marketing. It needs to provide value to your business after reasonable time and effort. If you are too impatient, you will miss opportunities, but if your time frame is too long, you might lose money on ineffective marketing. Remember, your fans want to hear from you. How, when, where, and why is determined by you and your marketing experts.


Seek Out Expert Help


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