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Social Media: Professional Versus Personal

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Social Media: Professional Versus Personal




I don't know about you but sometimes it is really hard to separate my professional social media side from my personal side.  I don't have any followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook that would be customers here but I do have coworkers.  And you have to be careful down that route as well.  Thanks to Heidi, I now have 10 tipsto share with you on how you can separate professional and personal roles on Social Media!


1.  Be a real person.

2.  Open the curtains to be transparent in your social media interactions.

3.  Keep private information private.

4.  Think personality strip tease.

5.  Show respect for bloggers, authors, and participants.


To read the other 5 and more in depth on the top 5, check out "Social Media: Professional Versus Personal


How do you separate your personal and professional roles?

What has worked for you?

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Re: Social Media: Professional Versus Personal

I'd bet most of us deal with this. President of a corporation sounds good but at the end of the day, I'm rolling around the floor with my kids just like any other dad. I think the best tip is the very first one. Just be yourself. People can usually see through the facades anyway. 


Thanks for the article links Marissa. Keep 'em coming!


- Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan