Social Media Prospecting - Prospecting for Gold

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Social Media Prospecting - Prospecting for Gold

In my last post I posed the question asking “which is more important, your product or prospects?”  For some this may be a dumbfounding question, but one that needs addressing to be sure your priorities are what they should be.  For me the answer is clear.  Prospects are more important than the product.  If you don’t have prospects, you can’t sell anything because there won’t be anyone to buy your product. 


How do you prospect with social media?  The first thing you need to do is get people interested in your social site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).


You will attract certain types of people depending on the content you post. Decide what types of people you want to attract then post content they find relevant and interesting. This will keep them coming back and makes it easy to slip in an ad or two whenever you want. 


Interesting and Relevant.  When I explain the theory of interesting and relevant content I use the analogy of BMW car sales person.  Just so everyone knows I love BMWs and that’s why I talk about them so much.  For the BMW car sales person to attract people who like BMWs he or she will have to make posts about BMWs.  For the sales person to be successful with Social Media Marketing, they will post content that is interesting and relevant to people interested in BMWs. 


If the BMW car sales person posted about Chevys, Fords and Dodges, they would attract buyers who like Chevys, Fords and Dodges.  Content attracts like-minded people.  So how do you know what type of people your posts are attracting? 


There are numerous ways to get people’s interest, but are you specifically attracting people who are interested in your product?  Your Social Media Analytics will tell you if your content is attracting the right people.  Here’s how.


After you’ve posted 2 or 3 times each week for 2-3 weeks review your social site’s analytics.  Your site’s analytics will tell you what types of people you are attracting.  After reviewing your analytics decide if you are attracting the types of people you targeted to purchase your product.  What do you look for in the analytics?


The first area to look at with your analytics is the number of “Hits” or Reads you have with each post.  Decide what types of information people are most likely to read because that information is what gets people to your site.  If you don’t have prospects (readers) on your site, you don’t have anyone who will buy your product(s) or use your service(s).


The next analytic is Engagement.  People are more likely to buy when they are engaged.  You may have lots of hits, but little engagement. If your other posts are getting engagement, then you have an engaging audience and one you can work with.  If you do not have an engaging audience, you need to do something about it. Change content, get more radical and attention getting.  Find out what your audience likes, then feed them interesting and relevant content. Knocks on the door get people’s attention. Engagement Drives Sales.


Keep your readers entertained with 3-4 great, information-packed posts for every 1 marketing post.  It’s like Paige Cahill, Regional Business Development for Constant Contact always says, “If you sell, sell, sell, you’ll fail, fail, fail.”  Remember to use content that is relevant and interesting to your readers.  Contact us directly for more information.



Above all, be social.


Mike Bitter, Founder and CEO

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