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Social Media vs. Postcards


Social Media vs. Postcards

Skyscanner recently conducted a Social Media Use Poll in the UK to find out how travelers use social media. The results? 28% of travelers use social media to tell friends about their trip but only 6% still send out postcards! When is the last time you sent out a postcard? Check out even more facts in the infographic below or in the full post on



Hannah M.
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Re: Social Media vs. Postcards

What's a postcard?

Mike Donovan
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Re: Social Media vs. Postcards

Mike!!!  Great post Hannah!

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Re: Social Media vs. Postcards

Technology has made many changes to our habits and lifestyles.


In my experience, I find that age has a lot to do with some of these new behaviors.


Surveying my older clients, I find that they do still use postcards when they travel. Other than checking in with their family via internet to make sure all is OK, they would rather be enjoying the experience personally.


Many marketers ignore this demographic of individuals with disposable income who rely upon their tried and true habits.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,


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Re: Social Media vs. Postcards

Oh!yeah,Hannah, that indeed is a great post.It gives all the information at a glance.... The use of postcards were long gone days and social media is to blame.