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Social media and the art of WOW customer service

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Social media and the art of WOW customer service

wow customer service.pngHave you ever had an unusually good experience with a companies services or products? Perhaps the staff was extra friendly and helpful or maybe they had amazing follow up and support. That is what I  call WOW customer service. And that wow factor is what you need to get people talking about you and your business. Here is a little secret about WOW customer service: It does not take much to give the wow.


The first thing you need to consider is your staff. 1). are you treating your staff right. Do you respect them and take care of their needs as employees. The way an employee feels about their business reflects in the work they do and how they treat your customers. 2). are you training your staff on the concept of the golden rule. That is right, the good old fashion idea of treating others the way you want to be treated. Once you have taken initiative in these two steps you can take it even further by encouraging your employees to go above and beyond. Treating each customer and client they (or you if you are a solopreneur) have with respect and giving them all you got will really help your business explode!


When customers experience wow service they want to tell the world. In today’s hyperspeed heavily connected world, consumers are turning to Twitter, Facebook and the like to express their love for your brand and service. You do not even have to be active yourself to benefit from social media when your customers are experiencing wow service.





One of my favorite examples of WOW customer service that I personally experience comes from a trip to L’occotane. I went into a L’occotane store to purchase a bottle of hand soap. (The stuff is amazing by the way). It was a very small purchase in a store where most people walk out with over $100 worth of merchandise. However, that did not stop the clerk from treating me like royalty. The sales clerk sprayed a lovely sent (the same as my soap by the way) on the tissue paper he wrapped my product in before placing it in a little brown shopping bag. He then gave me several samples he thought I would enjoy and explained the benefits of each one. Then after I paid he did not just hand me my bad and a receipt but instead walked around the counter and handed the bag to me thanking me for coming in. I was floored! I have never spent $20 and received such fantastic customer service. I immediately tweeted about my experience:

@Stellar247 Wonderful to hear! We'll be sure to share this feedback with the Park Meadows Mall team.

— L'OCCITANE (@LOCCITANE) October 25, 2013



I have been praising the company ever since and I am sure my word of mouth not to mention the numerous times I have spoken about them in one of my social media classes or my podcast hasn’t hurt them too much!


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is not new to having people sing their praise. I personally make it a point to fly Southwest whenever I can simply because I have never had a bad experience...well except once.


I was traveling to Kansas City for a wedding I was in and some mean weather blew through causing our plane to be redirected to Oklahoma. After several hours hanging out in the Oklahoma airport (hey at least we got to get off the plane!)  we got back on our plane and made it back to Kansas City (5 hours late). I knew it wasn't the airlines fault since they can’t control the weather let alone an outbreak of tornadoes and flash flooding along our route. Because I knew they did their best with what they were handed,  I made no attempt to get anything out of the airline. Instead I went about my trip.


A week later I received a wonderful email from a Customer Service Manager at Southwest apologizing for the inconvenience I went through on my trip. They ended up giving me 4 vouchers for future flights! I didn't ask for it but they gave it anyway, and I have been singing their praises ever since! It was one of those things that probably cost them quite a lot since they decided to give vouchers to all those who were on the flight, but in the end it paid back in good press, great vibes, and repeat business for years after.


Southwest Airlines continues to be eons above their competition. From offer great customer service with a smile, not to mention free bags on your flight, to singing flight attendants who make your trip fun. This airline just gets it.

Great job to the singing @SouthwestAir flight attendant in my flight! Who else does that?!?!

— Michael McMahon (@mmcmahon_) July 3, 2014




So how do you build a wow experience into your business and customer service model?  Here are a couple of my steps to WOW success:

Step 1:

Get your wow factor on! - You need to make sure your customer service is better than anyone else. It doesn't really take much to do this. It can be employees who go the extra mile, it could be providing an experience that is just a little bit out of the ordinary. I can tell you from experience not only as a customer but aslo as a business owner that one of the most important things you need to do is to follow through. Do what you say you are going to do and maybe a little bit more. There is a saying you may have heard in business “Under promise and over deliver.” I am more on the side of Promise and overdeliver. Take the under out of it. Always strive to do your best and always strive to give your best. Customers will notice. They will also forgive you when you fall a lot easier if they know you are working for them and not just in business for you. Finally follow up and follow through. When you do give that wow experience be sure you are following up with your customers. Continue to wow them!


Step 2: Listen & monitor online

Use one or all of the following tools to monitor your brand. See what people are saying about you and your customer service experience. Improve on those things that need improvement and continue those wow experiences that are hitting home.


Step 3: Respond & interact

When you do find that people are talking about you respond. Say thank you. Come again. We are sorry you feel that way, we hope you will give us another chance to exceed your expectations. Not everything you repsond to will be positive but when you nail that WOW experience down you will see more and more mentions online that you can simply say “thank you” to.

Kelly Mirabella
Social Media consultant, trainer and speaker
Stellar Media Marketing
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