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Social media marketing: What’s in a hashtag?

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Social media marketing: What’s in a hashtag?

Hashtags are just a part of social media use now and days. Pretty much everyone uses them whether on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. The real question, though, is how to use these hashtags as a business. If you use them correctly, you can do a good job of bringing in more customers and helping people find your business.


All about hashtags


Hashtags, also known as metadata tags, first became popular through Twitter. The basic idea is to put a word or group of words after a pound sign to indicate a certain topic related to your comment, according to Social Media Today. For example, you might use something like “Really craving some chocolate ice cream #need it now #chocolate.” These are ideas related to your thought.


How using hashtags can help your business


You are probably asking yourself why you should use these hashtags and how using them can help your business succeed. Well, Social Media Today explains 3 important marketing strategies with hashtags:


  1. Brand hashtags: If you want people talking about your business, you need to give them a brand-specific hashtag to use. That way, it is easier to find anything related to your business by searching just one hashtag on a social media site. It also helps spread the word about your company and what you have to offer.
  2. Trending hashtags: A trending hashtag is one that is being used often and is fairly popular at the moment. For example, people may be using #ilovemymom a lot around mother’s day. As a business, you should use trending hashtags that are related to your business to bring in more customers on popular topics.
  3. Content hashtags: Basically, any other hashtag you use will fall into this category. It is for hashtags related to your post, even if they aren’t necessarily popular or brand-related. These hashtags will improve the ratings of your post, even if they aren’t popular yet, and it is important to use them mixed in with the trending hashtags and brand hashtags.


Hashtags are number one


If you really want to work on improving your standing with customers in social media or if you are just trying to improve your online page rankings, you will need to use social media and learn how to incorporate strategic hashtags. Social media marketing is a beast because there is so much information out there, but using these hashtags will help you out.


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Re: Social media marketing: What’s in a hashtag?

Thanks for posting, Noah!


Hashtags are a great tool. I know we use them a lot on Twitter. #emailmarketing, #nonprofit, #smallbusiness and #facebook are some of my favorites!



Hannah M.
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Re: Social media marketing: What’s in a hashtag?

A hashtag is generally a pound sign (#) used for categorizing messages or post. First, it was used on twitter in August 2007 and become the most commonly used symbols on other social media platforms like instagram, facebook, pinterest etc. too. People use them for organizing conversations, tweets and engaging in conversations online. Hashtags are useful to connect with people discussing the same topic or events. Almost any content including (#) symbol goes “viral” easily. But, it’s essential to know the right hashtag to follow the right news as there are array of same topics going on with different views. Thus to get right stream of updates, you should download latest app called BroadTags that brings the right information by just following a particular topic instead people.

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Re: Social media marketing: What’s in a hashtag?

Hashtags are a way of following a topic or discovering what's "trending" in social media. These hashtags can be followed and for many social media platforms, you can search by hashtags to see what has been uploaded using that hastag. Many people use it for exposure or to get their post/status more likely to be seen and liked.