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Speed-Prep for a Meeting

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Speed-Prep for a Meeting

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You know what happens - you forgot about that meeting or you just found out about it because you were left off the calendar.  Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter. You have to be ready in 30 minutes to give a presentation of some sort with your colleagues or clients.


Megan Broussard, of the Daily Muse, gives us some quick tips to help you prepare for that meeting that is in 30 minutes!


First, she says "Forget perfect".  Focus on the main points you want to convey and nothing else. Don't worry about every little detail.  


Know Your "Ws" (and Outline the "H")


  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • And HOW are you going to get there.

Once that's done, take a few minutes to brush up on interesting news of the day to help get chatter going at the meeting. An icebreaker to make you and the others feel more at ease.


To check out the rest of the article, read "How to Speed-Prep for a Meeting When You're Crunched for Time".