Spread Some Cheer This Year in Your Holiday E-mail

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Spread Some Cheer This Year in Your Holiday E-mail





I've written extensively in this blog and elsewhere about the surprising power of cartoons to engage audiences, especially in e-mail campaigns.


It's a simple premise, really.  Editorial readership surveys show cartoons are almost always the best read and remembered part of magazines and newspapers, and in e-mail campaigns, marketers have seen spikes in open rates when recipients know a cartoon lurks inside.  Especially if the cartoon is about the recipient.


While it's still a learning exercise, all I really want for Christmas is to hand you one of my cartoon devices, which you're welcome to use in your holiday e-mail campaign this year.  We won't bog down the conversation with open rates or results, you don't have to share anything with me or the audience.  I'm more interested in simply giving you something useful for the holiday season.


If you would like to put it to work in your campaign, contact me at cartoonlinkreplies@gmail.com.  I will send you the art for the cartoon and a diagram to explain how to set it up with personalization in the caption.


Wishing you all the best this holiday season!

Stu Heinecke
Host of Contact Marketing Radio
Founder & President of "Contact" and CartoonLink, Inc.
Wall Street Journal cartoonist
Author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone
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