Stand Out During The Holidays

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Stand Out During The Holidays

In this blog post, I want to share some simple strategies for making a big impression during the holidays. I say simple, because I really mean simple.  If we try to get over-complicated then it is easy to get frustrated, give up and not do anything.  If you categorize yourself as a small business who really wants to let your customers know how much you appreciate them but don't have the time or big marketing budget to compete with "the big guys" then this blog post is for you.  Even though the "big guys" have the larger budget, you have one thing that they don't and that is personal service, personal relationships and rapport with your customers.  Let's start there!  Below are a few simple ideas for connecting with your customers over the holidays.


I think about the businesses I really love to frequent - the ones I feel like I'm a "Raving Fan" of and what they do.  They care. They're here. They matter to my local community.  


Here are a few ideas:

  • Say thank you!  Yep, it's that simple. We often are so focused on getting new customers that we forget about the ones that already know, like and trust us.  They are a goldmine and a source of new clients exactly like them! How can you say thank you?  Via a Thanksgiving email blast.  Instead of the generic Christmas card - send a Thanksgiving email that says "thank you for being an awesome customer".  Don't get into any special promotions or anything else. Keep it what it is intended to be - a thank you email. See holiday email examples here. 
  • Offer a special event just for your clients.  If you are a B2B then possibly hold a nice dinner for your top clients.  Make it something cozy, quaint and personable.  We just recently participated in a Downtown Development District's annual event titled "Starry November Night". Our participation included having a holiday "Open House" which served multiple purposes including announcing and opening up our new location but also as a time to invite our friends, family and clients to join us to celebrate the evening.  We had a huge response and it was incredibly exciting!
  • Join forces with a complimentary business and offer a holiday sale or promotion. If you are a fitness center, consider partnering up with a massage therapist to offer a special package.  Or, maybe you are a restaurant and you can partner with the theather for a "night out" package.  This is unexpected and can be quite a welcomed surprise. Additionally, you make it an easy holiday gift purchase for the busy shopper.
  • Sponsor a holiday or city-wide event.  In our city, the Rotary Club is holding their annual "holiday weekend" which includes the Christmas parade on one night and the "Movie Night Under the Stars" on the other night.  Both events appeal to a very large audience and offer unique opportunities to get involved.  Your business can make a big splash during the holidays by being involved.
  • Help a charity.  Consider partnering with a local or national non-profit agency or charity to either help with donations, a toy-drive, or a volunteer outing for your entire staff to assist with a special event.  Our local Food Pantry has an annual event and they're always looking for "waiters/servers" for the event. Your community may have something similar.  We just recently learned that our local "Santa Bear" a toy drive sponsored by the local newspaper is low on toy donations this year so we may consider doing something to help ramp up the toy-drive.  

When we remove ourselves from the normal day-to-day marketing and open our minds, we can expose ourselves to some new, creative unique opportunities.  These ideas are here to just get you started. Your best idea may be one that you haven't even considered yet! You know your community, so look around and see what is already available to you. If you have a fun idea for a way to stand out with your marketing during the holiday season, please comment below and share with us!

Thanks for reading!

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