Staying Connected with your Clients and Prospects

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Staying Connected with your Clients and Prospects

It's essential to stay connected with your clients and prospects for many reasons. If you have a disconnect with them, one of your friendly competitors will take them away from you. Once you lose a customer. It's very difficult to win them back to your business. September is a busy month for various networking events. Most businesses start planning their holiday season during the summer months. Now is an excellent time to start reviewing your database. Which prospects or clients the sales team hasn't touched base with recently. Reviewing and updating your business database is a great job for a college intern or high school person to help keep the database organized. 




Why is it essential to stay in touch with clients and prospects?

  1. Generate business and increase income
  2. Creates engagement (out of sight out of mind)
  3. A great referral source

Who should the sales team keep in touch with?

  1. Current prospects and clients
  2. Previous clients
  3. Vendors and resellers
  4. Prospects from various networking events and meetings
  5. Referrals 

Ask your prospects or clients which is the best way to communicate with them?

  1. Do they prefer to text message?
  2. A phone call
  3. Communicate by email

What are your business and team goals?

  1. Generate new business from current clients (such as offering a new service or product to them)
  2. Convert prospects into new clients
  3. Revisit previous clients to rejuvenate business
  4. Increase referral sources (set up a referral program)
  5. Introduce new products and services

Organize your database

  1. Various groups and organizations
  2. What type of lead "Hot, Medium, Warm, Cold"
  3. Create lists for email marketing
  4. Keep active notes regarding cold calls, meetings, follow up after an introduction

Business Strategies

  1. Schedule and conduct meetings with prospects and clients
  2. Coordinate convenient times for a follow up process
  3. Create introductions for referrals
  4. Review clients wants and needs
  5. Show your expertise and knowledge
  6. Create a "wow experience"

Email Marketing Strategies 

  1. Create various list by clients, prospects, industries, networking groups
  2. Generate a short concise newsletter utilizing a Mobile friendly template
  3. Create buttons for people to click on
  4. Provide value and educational tips for the readers
  5. Be consistent in communicating bi-monthly or monthly
  6. Post newsletter, events, coupons all on social media vehicles
  7. Text to join 
  8. Great communication to a large audience all at once (especially during inclement weather closings)

Sharing Valuable Content with Everyone

  1. Share industry news by clicking the social share button 
  2. Post and share articles on social media vehicles
  3. Subscribe to Google Alerts for various daily industry articles 

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