Step it Up with a Social Campaign!

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Step it Up with a Social Campaign!

Step it Up with a Social Campaign!


Do you need a way to turn “likes” into active contacts?

Would you like to reinvigorate your relationship with your clients?

How do you meaningfully engage visitors to your Facebook page?


Social Campaigns are a powerful tool to connect your contact list with your social media presence to yield positive results for your business.


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According to Social Media Examiner, “Social media campaigns are fun, easy ways to gather demographic information and feedback from your audience, build email lists, enlist user-generated content, promote a specific product or service and more. Whatever your goal is, you can build a campaign to match it.”




Getting started with social campaigns is easier than you think, and here are some best practices to keep in mind:


  • Set your specific goal: New business? Sharing Tips? Event invitation?
  • Choose your campaign: Coupon, download or sweepstakes
  • Create the landing page that your fans will see
  • Publish on Facebook and promote via email and social media
  • Run your campaign for a 2–3 week window
  • Track your results
  • Remember to say THANK YOU!
  • Do it again! Regular social campaigns make your marketing relevant and your clients excited!

I would love to hear how you have incorporated social campaigns into your marketing strategy, so tell me how they have worked for you! Click here to get started on your next social campaign!


Cathy Ann Drury

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