Steve Jobs 5 Insights Applied for Constant Contact Success

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Steve Jobs 5 Insights Applied for Constant Contact Success

Steve JobsSteve Jobs was one of our generation’s most revered innovators. His greatest achievement though may have been his lifelong lessons that helped shape future innovators to think different.


If Steve were alive today and were to tackle email marketing as his focus, how would he approach the current landscape? How would he apply the many the concepts that helped him achieve such great feats throughout his career? It’s impossible to say for certain, but knowing Steve’s passion for a quality product and other hallmarks of his repeated success, I’ve created a list of ways I believe Steve Jobs would transform email marketing for any given product or service.


  1. Make Connections – We are all human and we all crave to connect. Empower your email marketing by creating a new experience. Keep secrets and build mystery by divulging only part of your story. Personalize and humanize your messaging. Then drive customers to engage by clicking to your website, video or other content. The goal here is to provide your customers a mini-escape, even for a moment, to dream, relax, envision or learn.

    Next time you send a draft, read every word, click every link. Is the content dull? Did you get bored? If so, your customers will too.

  2. Create insanely different things – Steve Jobs had vision. He could see into the future and then drive his team to do what was thought impossible time and again. Steve utilized a confluence of available technology, dreams and sheer will to make his vision a reality.

    Jobs, of course, created high-tech products and you may think as a plumber his teachings are irrelevant, but that would be a mistake. If your goal is to increase sales or build a bigger business, you too need vision. Consider your current successes and failures. Then evolve your local vertical by trying something different. If everyone else is offering email sales to the detriment of all providers, consider increasing your pricing thereby elevating your brand. No matter your current company or landscape circumstance, there is always an opportunity to think different and lead rather than follow. Begin by testing messaging via email marketing to your current customers.

  3. Make a great product – An email is a reflection of who you are as a company. If your eletters look like a school kid designed them, that is the impression your customers will have of your business. If your eletters are dull and lack focus, so to is the impression customers will have about your company. You are only as good as the face you show the world. Be sure your eletters focus on your brand and make sure they are easy to navigate and understand. Review your draft eletter and seek out places a customer may become confused. Gauge interest in subject matter and style by reviewing your open and click rates post-eletter. Then improve with even more powerful imagery and even more succinct, engaging copy. Consider where and how your customers will open your eletters. More than 60% of all email is opened on a mobile device.

  4. Stand for something – Strive to simplify your messaging. Make every word count by reducing fluff text. Be the high-quality product or service you envision. Consider purchasing a pre-made high-quality Constant Contact template that matches your corporate branding and goals. Of course, if you need a little help, ask for some from a certified Constant Contact professional marketer when you get stuck. See a list here

  5. Frequency, consistency and meaning – Spend time and money to frequently send an eletter to your customer list. Ensure that your messaging is consistent with online and offline messaging of your website and other promotions. Build meaning into every email you send to ensure your customers continually want to open and engage with your company.


Email marketing is more than just another item on that ever growing to-do list. It's the most effective way to consistently place your product or service top of mind with customers.


As you build your email strategy for the next few weeks or months consider how a tune-up, redesign or purchase of a new email template could improve your own customer engagement. Think of ways to add consistency to your style and messaging. Plan to elevate your brand and encourage product evangelism. Overall, take a moment and consider how Steve Jobs would approach the very same project. How would he simplify, improve quality and, in turn, make a lasting human connection with customers.When customers connect, you win.


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Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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