Storytelling can create more Buzz for your Brand

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Storytelling can create more Buzz for your Brand

A recent post about "How Storytelling Can Create More Buzz For Your Brandon Business2Community talks about how to create the story.  In order to first create the story though, you need to think of the goal behind it all, and where your story is going to come from. As Susan Gilbert states in the article "Today it’s not about who you are online, but rather how people can relate to you and/or your personal brand. In order to create new leads for your business it is important to recognize that getting on the same level of your audience is a process of building trust."  


Think about what has made you stop and listen or stop and read through an article or book?  There was a compelling aspect that pulled you in.  Those companies, new stations, or authors did their job well, they "made you look."  That is what they are in it for, right?  The news needs to keep you engaged to stay through their program, an article or book needs to keep you interested to make it to the end.  Now think about your business.  What are your goals right now?  Are you thinking all about profit and repeat business, or are you trying to create a bigger audience with new business and grow your contact base?  Depending on your goals, your story could be told many ways.  


Now, think about a time when it went so well, you were proud to be able to help that customer out.  Have a story that start out on a sad note, but ends on a happy one?  That is going to be the one your audience probably want to hear about.  Whether you are the 20th bridal shop that a bride visited, where the bride had given up hope but you did not or you are a marketing consultant called in for the last ditch effort before a business closed its doors, there is a story there somewhere!  Dig deep, I know you have one.  


Don't forget, once you have the goal and the story this article can help you with the "how."

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Re: Storytelling can create more Buzz for your Brand

People are always interest to know about successfull men and women, how they reach to their destination or goal. And the style of storytelling create big difference in order to make as brand himself.