Strategy + Application = Success at all Levels

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Strategy + Application = Success at all Levels

What a wonderful time of the year.  The temperature is colder than normal.  Music is playing.  People are gifting.  It is all in the spirit of the season.  There’s something else that should be in the back of your mind.  This is a great time to plan for next year.


What will you do with and in your business in 2015?  Have you started building your 2015 marketing strategy?  If not, 
you’re not alone.  In the next few minutes I'll walk you through an easy-to-get-started marketing strategy builder. Let's get started at the start with Strategy. 




If you want your 2015 marketing to be successful, you need to listen up.  This is the time of year you should pull out your 2015 calendar and start jotting down notes.  Here’s how it works.


As you get time over the next few weeks, take your calendar (I use a blank Microsoft Outlook calendar) and jot down all the holidays for 2015.  This will give you an idea of the types of campaigns you will need to run if your business is holiday driven (B2C).  If your business is not holiday driven (B2B), then you’ll want to use holidays as a way to connect with your prospects. 


The next thing is adding all the events you can remember for 2015. For instance will you be attending a conference, going on vacation or making a business trip?  Document it on your calendar.  Document anything you feel will impact day to day operations.  Your 2015 Strategic Plan is almost complete. 


The next part of your Strategic Plan is your campaigns.  This is the where you’ll look closer at upcoming holidays and see how your campaigns fit into those holidays.  Even if your campaigns do not fit in and around the holidays, find ways to use holidays to your benefit.


Make holidays an event with your business. People like events. Social Media is event driven.  Capitalize on those opportunities.

When marketing near the holidays make sure to add your business hours so people know when they can and cannot get in touch with you.  Holidays are also a good time to wish everyone a happy holiday.  Extend it to their families too.


After you have identified your holiday campaigns look for slow times during the year that you’ll need to step up your marketing. The intent of this process is to manage a consistent work load throughout the year.




Now that you have all your campaigns identified for the year it will be much easier to put your strategy into action for the upcoming year.  You’ll need to answer questions like:


When will your campaign start? 

Is your campaign a social media only campaign or will you add an email campaign too?

What is your offer (what do you want to attract)?


Build campaigns at least 2 months in advance.  This allows time for you to make any corrections before the campaign is launched.


Schedule your campaign posts in advance. Your campaigns will launch as planned.  This gives you time to work on your business and prepare for the door to start swinging.



May you and yours have a joyous and happy holiday season,



Mike Bitter, Founder and CEO

Affordable Social Media, Inc.

Mike Bitter
Affordable Social Media, Inc.
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