Stress Can Be a Good Thing...


Stress Can Be a Good Thing...

2015-09-03_13-23-56.jpgEveryone has a different point of view on what’s “stressful” to them. For most people, striving to live “stress-free” actually has the opposite effect by causing them more stress.


As a Small Business Owner you are faced with lots of stressors but Harvard Business Review reminds you that Stress Can Be a Good Thing if you Know How to Use It.


  1. The first step is to “see” your stress. Don’t deny it or dwell on it. Instead let yourself admit the problem and release the stress from your body. Do you clench your muscles? Get really tired? Check out of your life all together? Seeing your stress is the trick to releasing these actions.
  2. Own your stress. Stress shows us that we care about the world and that the stakes matter. “Owning this realization unleashes positive motivation—because deep down we know that things that are important shouldn’t always come easy.
  3. Your body’s response to stress was not designed to kill you. In fact, your body should help your mind to focus by pumping hormones like adrenaline and dopamine to fuel your brain.


Remember, the problem is not the stress itself but how you handle yourself and employ a response. Take a moment to acknowledge your stress and re-frame it. Check out the full article by Alia and Thomas Crum on Harvard Business Review today!

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