Stress...How to Recognize It & How to Beat It!

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Stress...How to Recognize It & How to Beat It!

Everywhere I look I see information about how to manage stress and anxiety. I've seen articles recently advising you on how to handle anxiety that your friend may be feeling. But how do you know if you're stressed out and how do you get yourself back on track? BusinessInsider shared a video today with 3 apps that will help you reduce your anxiety. With these apps you can track your heart rate, give yourself some time back from websites that distract you, and recall email sent from Gmail. Check out the video by clicking below!


3 Apps to Reduce Anxiety.png


Also, over at Business2Community, they shared a post by Jenny Richards titled "6 Sypmtoms and 7 Solutions to Stress and Burnout in Business". Do any of these symptoms sound like something you've been going through?


  • Low immunity
  • Withdrawal from personal relationships
  • An increase in pessimism
  • Low energy
  • Not as productive at work
  • Low emotional and mental energy

If any of those sound familiar, check out her 7 Solutions, some listed below:


  • Break old habits
  • Priortize
  • Stick to your schedule and learn to say no!

What helps you lower your stress and anxiety while at work? Do you go for walks or just simply step away from your desk for a little while? Do you set up times where you are not available to attend meetings?


Share with us what works for you and be sure to check out the 2 posts shared here.


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