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Subscribe tab for Facebook

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Subscribe tab for Facebook

Our magazine has a Facebook profile that has been seeing more activity over the past few months, since we got a little more involved with it.  I do want to add a tab to SUBSCRIBE whereby the viewer would see a jpeg graphic of a subscription offer and they could click on and link to the subscribe page of our webiste.  I am not well versed in HTML and seem to be having trouble figuring this out.  Any thoughts/tips?   The Economist magazine has such a set-up that I would love to emulate. 

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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Hi Mauricio,


It sounds like what you want to do can be accomplished through our Join My Mailing List App created by our Labs team.  With the Join My Mailing List App, you can create a section in your Facebook page that will allow people to join your mailing list.  Here are some screenshots to show you what the process looks like.


JMML link.png







This is on the side bar on the left under your Image for your page.  














Then once they click on Join My List, they will be taken to this page.  JMML Email page.png







































Lastly, they will be taken to this page where your new subscribers will enter their information.


*Unfortunately, this page can not be edited. (updated 7/29/11))


JMML collect Info page.png


You can download the app by Liking our Constant Contact Labs Page on Facebook. 


I also wrote about the a post about the recent changes back in March that you can find here.


This way people don't have to leave Facebook to sign up for your mailing list. They can do it all right through your Facebook page! 


I hope that helped!

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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook



Thaks for the info.  I already do have a Join My Mailing List section, like the one you outlined, but I am looking to have a link that would take them to our Subscribe page on our website where they could purchase a yearly subscription to the magazine.  We are also getting ready to launch a Digital Edition so I will be wanting to put that out there also, again as something someone can purchase. 


I'll check out those other lnks you mentioned.




Doug (Mauricio is no longer working for us)

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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Hi Doug,


You're welcome!  You can change your Community UserName if you are logged into the product and click the "My Account" link in the top right of the page.  Then click "Community User Name" and once you answer the Security Question, you can change it so that it references yourself and/or your business. 


I'm sorry but I don't know how to add a link section to your Facebook Page, but maybe one of our users does! Can anyone help Doug out?




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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Hi Marissa,


Thank you for this post.  I was wondering how to set up a join my mailing list link and this was very helpful.  You mention that once the user signs up and are taking to the information page that that information can be customized.  Please explain how to go about this.



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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Hi Chad,


I'm so sorry!  You can't customize that page. I thought previously that we could. Thanks for the heads-up. I will edit my post.


Sorry for the trouble!

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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Before I give a detailed solution, I need a little more informaiton.


Are you looking to add this graphic/link in your newsletter or in your Facebook page? Is your Facebook only a profile or a business page?


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,





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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook



Thanks for the reply.  I did not set up the Facebook accounbt so I am not sure what type it is.  This should be a link to it, if by chance you can tell from that:


I would like to have a Subscribe tab that contains a jpeg graphic for our magazine.  The viewer would be able to click on the graphic at any spot and be taken to the Subscribe web page of our regular website, where they could then fill out the informatin for a subacription.  I thought The Economist magazine had such a set up but now I am not finding it. 






Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook


I just created a form for our facebook page at Jotform. It was easy to use for me and I have no html experience. I think you can also create a form at They are both free.

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Re: Subscribe tab for Facebook

Thanks for the tip Robin!


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