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Success Stories Create Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

Participating Solution Provider

Success Stories Create Emotional Attachment to Your Brand

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With each one narrowcasted for a target audience, and without sounding like an infomercial, a Success Story inspires people to act. Each story demonstrates how you've tackled challenges similar to theirs with solutions that produced desired results.  As a retention tool, success stories remind customers of what you did for them.


Brand your company as an array of customer stories that can be narrated by your employees and by external people who draw their own conclusions, insert themselves into your story, and retell it in their own words.


Top tier BizD professionals are natural "Story Sellers".  The middle tier, who fear the risk of tackling new customer challenges, will learn what your company has done for its customers and feel less threatened when looking for new customer problems to solve.


If you don't tell your stories, you are wasting an opportunity to differentiate your company.


If you don't have compelling stories to tell, you probably compete on features, price and delivery, which shouldn't give you a high degree of confidence in your business.


Stories should be available in hard copy and online to provide more details that support the narrative. Online versions should include keywords that enable self-service discovery by those looking for solutions.


Email marketing campaigns can direct a story to the appropriate audience if your CRM system or mail list includes the right account and profile information.

John J. Bernardi