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Success with Systems and Processes

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Success with Systems and Processes

successSuccess for service-based businesses of most any kind happens for a range of reasons. The most important is solidifying the systems and processes around delivering a quality product. That final product is then the company’s best marketing.


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to work for someone whom I consider a great marketer. He helped build one of America’s most well-known shoe companies. I learned a ton from him and still talk to him on a regular basis. He had this crazy glass pipe that he brought into the office to display as a focus point. I’m fairly certain more than one customer who stopped in simply thought he had lost it. The point he pounded into our heads was simple though and very relevant.


Systems and processes improve efficiencies, improve worker happiness and ultimately lead to a better product.


Comfort and direction; the best systems and processes empower rather than constrain workers. That is because a great system reduces questions and provides a method for worker success. In fact, I would argue that tried and true systems and processes provide the ability for even more creativity within each aspect.


Consider that. By locking down flow of steps 1 to X for any given need, you can improve your product and increase client happiness. How will that affect your bottom line? How will that improve your own happiness?


The method I suggest for success in systems and process planning starts at the end. What will provide your customer the greatest happiness or feeling of benefit? Then, go backwards through how you can manufacture and provide that user experience. Once you arrive at step 1, you have a testable process ripe for improvement.


Create your process. Test your process. Continually improve your process.

Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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