Text To Join To Grow Your New Customer Email List

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Text To Join To Grow Your New Customer Email List

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I was V.P of Marketing for chain of day spas / medical spas for 12 years and in that time I employed some powerful guerrilla marketing tactics to help grow the business.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been consulting small beauty , medical and day spa business [i.e. salons, day spas, medical spas and massage studios] on their marketing strategies to grow their business. One piece of tactical advice I offer to these businesses is to network with other businesses/organizations where they might find potential client overlap. I coach them to look for opportunities, such as a special event, to leverage the partnership to gain direct access to the customers. It’s been my experience that when similar businesses come together for a common special event or function there is always mutual success.

Day spas and massage studios often offer free chair massage, while a salon can offer a free hair analysis, medical spas can offer a skin analysis or mini consultation. Allowing them to interact with potential new clients and showcase their exceptional skills.

However, many of these beauty and wellness based businesses make a fatal marketing mistake! They fail to capture contact information of these potential new clients. If they do capture leads, it’s in an antiquated system of a business card drop or having the attendee fill out a form. This only adds additional operational strain on the already burdened small business, as someone has to enter this data into your CRM. I have a solution that plays off of the changes in consumer behavior! Today’s consumers love their smart phones. It’s become commonplace for consumers to use them as a tool to manage their lives and tasks, not just to communicate.

I always coach my clients to leverage the Text To Join feature of Constant Contact. It automates an entire marketing campaign to new business that requires only a small amount of initial set up, all while allowing consumers the opportunity to interact with you in a way that has become almost second nature to them. With a Constant Contact account you are given Text To Join for free, you simply select a key word, you’re assigned a phone number, complete 3 set up steps and you’re ready to go! Invite customers to text your key word to the phone number provided and they will be prompted to enter their email address into their smart phone and text it directly into your assigned contact list.

These businesses can build a relationship with this new contact by creating a drip campaign of auto responder emails that can deliver your new client strategy, whether that is to educate, inform or entice with a special offer. These email campaigns are created and scheduled just one time and are assigned to a contact list. When a new email address is added to the contact list, it triggers the chain of auto responder emails to begin, putting your new client outreach on autopilot.

You will be able to easily grow your email list and your business if you create a robust Text To Join campaign that is free with your Constant Contact account.  If you'd like to see how it works, I invite you to text BARRY to 42828, have some fun!  

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