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Thank You | 2 Simple Words That Still Mean A Lot

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Thank You | 2 Simple Words That Still Mean A Lot

Is "thank you" considered "old school" now?  Do you thank your clients, your employees and vendors? How often? In what format? Why? We can turn this age-old practice into a time-consuming, to-do list item or we can embrace it and put it back into the every day life of a professional.  It is so easy to get into caught up in the daily routine of work and forget about some of the simple things that we can do to really make a big impact in the relationships we have with others.  One of these is the simple "thank you".  I would like to share with you some basic thank you etiquette as well as some creative ways to show appreciation and thanks to your clients, employees and vendors.


Thank You Etiquette

  1. thank you notes.JPGHandwritten or Printed? We have really come to embrace the handwritten thank you note.  In fact, we purchased a bunch of them with matching envelopes and strive to send one or two each week. When was the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? When we get a piece in the mail that has been handwritten it is usually the first thing we open, it stands out and it often has more value.  They do not have to be handwritten though.  They can be sent via email or LinkedIn as well.  If this is the case, be sure that the subject line includes the words "Thank you".  
  2. Address the recipient as "Dear {name}" and be sure to address with proper prefixes such as Dr, Mr., etc.  and end with a "Yours sincerely" if it is someone you do not know very well and if you do then it is acceptable to use "Best wishes" or "Many thanks" as a closing.
  3. Start off by thanking them , continue by mentioning something specific about how what they did was helpful and reference the next time you hope to see him or her.  

Thanking Creatively

  • king cake thank you.JPGUse social media for some public "shout-outs".  We had a local bakery, Yum Yum Bakery, drop off a King Cake treat for us.  We gave them a Facebook shout-out with a tag to their Facebook page.  In this case we thought that this type of thank you would not only serve the purpose you hope it serves but it also guided possible new clients to their Facebook Page  
  • stephanie miller murphy recommendation.JPGWrite a recommendation on LinkedIn.  Forget the endorsement - actually take a moment to say thank you for a great job, excellent customer service, a wonderful partnership or product by leaving a thoughtful recommendation on their LinkedIn profile. I wrote a recommendation for Stephanie Miller Murphy with for her extraordinary service when planning our vacation.  She was amazing and I wanted to tell the world! Don't forget about your employees.  Write a recommendation for them for their outstanding work ethic on LinkedIn.  It makes you appealing to work for because you show appreciation and it makes your employees feel appreciated! It's a Win-Win!
  • Consider creating a wonderful thank-you video that you can broadcast thanking your clients.  We love what Constant Contact did for their thank you video last year. Check it out here.
  • Include a client, employee or vendor spotlight section in your email newsletter! Enter their logo or picture, a brief thank you message and a link to their website, Facebook page, etc.

If you have something to add about thank you etiquette or creative ways to thank others I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below! 

Thanks for reading!

Kim Walker
5 Stones Media
Constant Contact Area Local Expert
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Member of Solution Provider Advisory Council