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Thanking Your Donors

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Thanking Your Donors

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I just read a great article about how to thank your donors.  Jeff Brooks of TrueSense Marketing has taken some key points on how to thank from the blog Fired-Up Fundraising.  They originally posted these tips in their blog post How to Craft a Killer Thank You Letter.  I think thanking is so huge, for everyone, but especially for people that are helping you meet your goals.  Check out some of these tips below!


  • Don't start out with "on behalf of."
  • Don't misspell their name. (How huge is this?)
  • Don't be vague about how the money will be used.
  • Don't re-use copy that you used in the solicitation letter to talk about your programs.

How does your nonprofit thank your donors?  Share with us!


Read How to thank your donors.