The #1 Way to Build Your List Size Organically

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The #1 Way to Build Your List Size Organically

Find out HereWe have been testing a range of ways to build lists for our clients. This is by and far the best we have found to date.


I love simple solutions and this one is just that. It is by far the easiest and fastest way to grow your opt-in email list. We've used this method on tons of sites to date and in most all cases lists have grown substantially.


What is this magical technique? A website splash page. Parameters can be adjusted for when you want the splash popup to appear, but no matter how you choose to implement, this one is a winner. 


Quick case study:

We have a client that is launching a new running race. They were having all kinds of issues in building a base of support in their new city. That was until we launched their spash page. In less than 1-week they've grown their list by more than 200 people and are well on their way to selling out their 1st ever event.


So where's the magic:

There is no magic, just a core method to follow.


1. Choose a quality popup company such as (get 30% off with this promo code SP33 at checkout - only $6/month).

2. Setup a custom campaign that is geared to provide value for signing up. (example: Get a free appetizer, download an ebook, etc.). I usually make our campaigns popup once a day immediately upon site visit. 

3. Make sure to sync your splash popup form with a new Constant Contact list specific to this promotion.

4. Once someone signs up, have an autoresponder deliver the promised promotion content or discount. 

5. Continue the autoresponder to inculde a series of emails over the following weeks to continue selling through.


That's it! It's simple, easy to implement and super effective. Once you have yours up and running, send me an email at I would love to see your creativity in implementation. Or, if you're having issues implementing Privy or another popup, let me know. My team will be happy to assist.

Jake Burns
An award-winning, Master Certified partner and is the founder of SouthDirekt, a Tampa-based internet marketing firm.
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Re: The #1 Way to Build Your List Size Organically

Very good trick. I will put it in practice. Thanks!


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