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The Cross Promote

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The Cross Promote

In my last post, I wrote about this amazing new author I've fallen in love with since Amazon recommended one of her books to me.  Since I became "friends" with her on Facebook, I've been introduced to many more authors in her circle.  Not only have I been introduced to some amazing authors and books, but I've seen how they interact and help one another.


One author's book is on sale on Amazon.  Do you know who shares it first? It might not be the actual author but one of the other authors. They are constantly praising each other and sharing each other's success stories.  And they're in the same business!  I know that we're always telling people how they can get more people in their doors but helping one another. "You sell wine, have a wine tasting with the business down the street that sells cheese."  But isn't it just great to know that people who have the same audience and the same products are able to help each other?  They say, "My fans are chomping at the bit! I can't get my books out fast enough for them."  So if they can't meet the demand, they recommend someone else who can.


"Engagement Drives Social Visiblity"


This is exactly what Gail Goodman is talking about in Chapter 5 "How Engagement Marketing Drives New Prospects To Your Door".


  • How are you engaging with your fans?  
  • Are other businesses helping to bring you more business as well?
  • Are you helping others?

Check out "Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins in a Socially Connected World"