The Curse of Knowledge in Your Nonprofit

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The Curse of Knowledge in Your Nonprofit

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We've all done in many aspects of our lives. We know and understand something so we fail to grasp that others do not. We believe that if only they knew as much as we knew, they would understand and then could make an impact.  Per Kivi Leroux Miller, this happens quite a bit with Communications directors who unfortunately are left in the middle translating between their organization and those that are helping on the outside. One way that I always look at it here at Constant Contact is the use of our jargon on the Support Team.  There are internal phrases that I know that make sense to me but yet when I use them with a customer they feel very lost. And they should!  I have to make sure that I provide them with the proper words so that they understand what I'm talking about.


Kivi gives us 5 ways to manage the curse of knowledge:


  • Actively encourage questions from all sides within the culture of your organization and within your communications
  • Actively encourage storytelling
  • Find your metaphors
  • Use lists of all kinds in your communications
  • Bring in an outsider

How do you deal with the "Curse of Knowledge" at your organization? Share with us here or over at "5 Ways to Fight the Curse of Knowledge in Your Nonprofit".

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