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The Engagement Marketing Cycle

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The Engagement Marketing Cycle

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In chapter 1 of Gail's book, she outlines the Engagement Marketing Cycle. What is the Engagement Marketing Cycle? It's 3 steps to help you get repeat business.


The steps are:


Experience - When  a customer walks into your business, make that an experience one they'll remember. Whenever I go to grab a bite to eat at my favorite restaurant and get a server that knows me, they don't have to take my drink order. They know I love my Diet Coke with a twist of lemon. That means something to me.



Entice - Keep the experience going even after they've left your business. At this restaurant, they have a fan club you can join. When you get your check, there's a sign up sheet where you can leave your email address to become a fan. By becoming a fan, I can get discounts and other cool perks just by signing up.



Engage - Once you've created the relationship, make sure you nuture it. Using my fave restaurant as an example again, their having my email address would mean nothing if they didn't send emails. I signed up for a monthly newsletter and sure enough, I receive that email every month without fail. It keeps their business fresh in my mind.


If you're interested in learning more about the Engagement Marketing book, check out this site dedicated to it.


Now that you know the Engagement Marketing Cycle, do you practice it? How so?


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