The Five C's of Social Media Success


The Five C's of Social Media Success

“The only constant is change.”


shutterstock_186292982.jpgThis saying is definitely true when it comes to social media. If you stick to the “Five C’s of Social Media Success” suggested by SocialTimes you should “C” success in your marketing efforts!


Content- Still true this year, content is kind. In the eyes of Facebook, if you are looking to sell something you will need to advertise.


Capturing- People don’t want to be “targets” of your campaign. The people in your social media circle will only see a small amount of content you share.


Conversion- If you are using paid social media your goal should be to get conversions. Focus on a message that drives clicks!


Conversation- People want to be engaged in your brand so don’t broadcast, just interact!


Community- Get your connections together to form a community! Let these people in on special deals or get their thoughts to provide a unique experience.


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