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The Halloween Do’s and Dont’s of Sales Lead Generation


The Halloween Do’s and Dont’s of Sales Lead Generation

With Halloween being just around the corner we thought it would be beneficial to address the do’s and dont’s of Sales Lead Generation and how to create a spectacular customer experience not a spooktacular one. 


It’s important to leave the customer satisfied and wanting to either purchase from you again or refer business your way. Don’t leave your customers and prospects out in the dark. 


Here are 3 Don’ts of Sales Lead Generation:

  1. Don’t Run a Skeleton Staff
  2. Don’t Spook your Customers
  3. Don’t Leave the Ghosts Frustrated

Particularly in times of economic distress, many companies begin to start slashing their staff. While working on a bare-bones staff is possible and more cost effective, how does this translate to the customer? Running on a lean staff can lead to delays, poor customer service and a low employee morale as the remaining staff members must pick up the slack. So in short, running on a Skeleton Staff, can backfire into a bloody mess.


Don’t spook your customers. If your staff is utilizing heavily scripted sales verbiage or generic form letters, you may want to re-evaluate your sales process. Today it’s all about getting personal – not impersonal. Customers are smart and they expect an authentic experience, not a scripted one. Just think about all the scripted automated sales calls you receive late in the evening when you are at home. You hang up the phone right? If customer-service personnel perform like zombies, you can guarantee that customers will run from them.


Customers like to know what’s going to happen in each transaction. Not knowing when they are going to hear back from you or what is expected of them up front, could lead to frustrated customers who don’t buy. We recommend that you manage customer expectations by walking them through the sale process up front. Providing the customer with the information on what paperwork is required and when they will hear back from you is important. Delivering what you promise, when you promise it is even more important.


Here are 3 do’s of Sales Lead Generation:

  1. Do Set Monstrous Goals
  2. Create Happy Loyal Zombies
  3. Aspire to do better

It’s important to set stretch goals for the company. Remember to set these goals within reason as you want to provide the team with goals that they can reach towards, but that aren’t unattainable.


To create happy, satisfied, and loyal customers, you need happy employees. This starts by creating a team environment where employees feel appreciated and respected. How do you establish a happy effective team? 

  • Lead by example
  • Set up measurement systems to ensure that your employees know what they need to do
  • Evaluate employee performance consistently

Aspire to commit to a higher level of service. Identify where your company comes up short, and train your employees to not only do better, but want to provide a better experience to the customers.

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Re: The Halloween Do’s and Dont’s of Sales Lead Generation

Hi Natalie!


Great post!  Very nicely themed as well!  Our Constant Commentary Blog also had a Halloween Themed post yesterday.  I love how you separated it into 3 do's and 3 dont's! 


Thank you so much for sharing this with us!