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The Heart of Any Direct or Digital Marketing is More Than a List of Names…

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The Heart of Any Direct or Digital Marketing is More Than a List of Names…

It’s a major element for your marketing success.

olympic_silhouette_heart.pngLists grow. Some by duplicate records. Sometimes they grow one record at a time. At other times, they grow because your customers are growing. Maybe you decided on bringing two list together and combining them into one.

When two lists are combined, they bring with them the phenomenon of duplicate records. If using direct mail, the costs of two letters or mail pieces going to the same recipient, equals twice the postage and the cost of materials are wasted.

No sooner than the time it takes to reach your mailbox, all digital skeptics reached for their can of “All-get-out of traditional advertising - move to digital" to rid them of all bad marketing thoughts. Am I this naive to assume that the digital marketers has list of buyers, customers and prospects?

How do they communicate with their customers?

CustomerList.jpgOK digital geeks, I will not tell on you, so keep reading to learn how to make your lists, traditional or digital, produce better marketing results.

The correct answer is “de-duping.”

So, you need to get rid of one of the duplicate records. And the answer is “de-duping.” Or is it?

In the typical deduping process, one record is judged to be a duplicate of the other. One, often the older or the one with partial or less complete information, may be discarded completely.

For example, Jane Doe on Main Street may appear in two different marketing lists. However, one may include her email address; the other may contain her place of employment.

In a traditional deduping activity, one of the two records go away entirely in the time it takes to hit the delete key on your keyboard. This means that something will be lost – either the email address or the place of employment.

Is it time to use the blender?

Rather than throwing away an entire record, think in terms of bringing together information of both records in both databases – of gathering, consolidating and blending all information equals

"a custom mix or marketing lists."


Using your database techniques, you can combine two or more lists into a single, targeted database – a single blended database that has more value and more information. The blended database – now complete and accurate, and containing all available and relevant data – saves you time and money.

De-duping is often a viable strategy when you have two lists coming together for a one-time mail drop or email. But, if your mission is to develop a workable database of prospects and customers, gathering and consolidating data will add significantly more value to your database.

You’ve read it here on numerus occasions it always pays to invest in data management to build a better database. In fact, that investment in developing and maintaining great marketing lists may be the best thing you can do to increase the overall effectiveness of any direct marketing activity.

If a digital marketer does not use lists, what’s their secret?


Give it a try. Then let us know what you like best about using the de-duping tool. Or if you consistently use the blended method, could you share your experience.

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Another how-to guide using direct marketing and mail for a #SmallBiz success during 2017.

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