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The Power of the ReTweet

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The Power of the ReTweet

The Twitter retweet (RT) can be an immensely powerful tool for your online presence. However, like many other social media elements, there are ways to retweet effectively and there are ways to accidentally compromise your Twitter presence. By using the retweet properly, you present the ability to not only further engage your Twitter followers, you also have the opportunity to develop connections with others within your industry.


Why Retweeting Should be Part of Your Twitter Presence


A retweet is basically an extension of a normal tweet, which in the process, allows other Twitter users to make the content visible to their followers. One reason why this is so powerful is that it expands your reach within the Twitter community. It essentially allows followers to see tweets from accounts they are not yet following. If you are wondering how retweeting other user's tweets will broaden your reach, try to think of it as creating a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type relationship. In other words, if you retweet a user’s content, that user is much more likely to return the favor. If you continue to do so with tweets that are relevant to your brand, you will only strengthen your networking capabilities.retweet.jpg


Beyond increasing your networking on Twitter, the retweet also provides depth to your brand’s message. For instance, if the content on your Twitter account is only coming from your voice and opinion, followers may at some point begin to find what you are saying to be stale. This is common with hearing only one message, or voice on a regular basis. However, if you add in a retweet with a similar, albeit distinct message every now and then, your own message will likely only be complimented.


Things to be Aware of When Retweeting    


While retweeting can certainly build strong networking relationships in your industry, if overdone, it can definitely be a nuisance to your followers. So much so, if your followers find that your retweeting is overzealous or irrelevant, they may actually stop following you. In this sense, the last thing you want is to lose followers simply because you recycled another user's content.


Another thing to be aware of is the person or organization you are retweeting. Foremost, you should make sure the account is legitimate, and that it is at least somewhat agreeable with your own message. Additionally, you should make sure that the manager of the account will return the favor by retweeting your content. While this may be unlikely if the account has a "verified" or otherwise popular status, it is still good to anticipate which Twitter accounts will reciprocate with a retweet.


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