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The Power of the Twitter Hashtag in Prospecting

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The Power of the Twitter Hashtag in Prospecting

There is an old expression that states we were given two ears but just one mouth for a reason. The implications are we should listen more than we speak. Today I want to take that old bit of wisdom and apply it to social media. You see, we spend so much time thinking about what we should send in an email or post on Facebook we forget importance of listening. I want to use that example in discussing hashtags, and how by becoming better listeners, these little symbols can help us find more prospects.


The Emergence of the Hashtag


For those new to Twitter or social media, the hashtag, or pound sign (#) was, and still is, a critical component in the success of Twitter. It allows people to “follow” like minded tweets. It works for unlimited subjects from #ILoveTheBeach to #NeedMoney. Other social media sites have embraced the hashtag and now, like the @ symbol is part of every email, the # symbol is now a part of social media.twitter-hashtag-cartoon.jpg


Getting a Twitter Account and Learn the Lingo offers free accounts that you can sign up using your real name, clever alias, or creative moniker. Twitter names start with the @ sign, so you could choose @FirstNameLastName or something more creative like @ILoveWriting. Next learn the lingo. Tweet, retweet (RT) and trending Topics (TT) will quickly become second nature. Now you are ready for the hashtag!


What the Hashtag Can Do For You


Of course the hashtag is a great way to communicate information about your business, but this is about listening and prospecting. How can using the hashtag help you in prospecting for leads?


Here are some suggestions:


  • Put keywords from your particular business in the Twitter search function. Find the half-dozen or so most important keywords to you. Experiment with variations and combinations to see which gets you closer to the type of leads that interest you. You can determine this based on tweeter’s profiles. If they seem like a Twitter prospect, start a conversation and offer to answer any questions they may have.
  • Listen to what is going on in your specific industry or with competitors. You may even find some current customers. Listening can keep you up to date on what is important to your potential prospects and what information they are lacking. You can then step in to help.
  • By listening you can add value to a relationship with a lead and immediately build credibility. You will ultimately utilize this ability to listen and the power of the hashtag and become an influencer in your business.
  • As your listening and prospecting skills increase, you will recognize patterns that can help you prospect for even more leads more effectively. All the while you will be building your own following, and becoming a person of more and more influence.

#listenfirst #hashtag second.By truly "listening" and using the power of the hashtag you capture new leads, connect with clients and can help take your business to the next level. 

April Heavens-Woodcock
Chief Buzz Officer at Touching Clients, LLC
Constant Contact Business Partner and Authorized Local Expert