The Price of Free

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The Price of Free

A free trial or sample is a great way to test a service or product to see if it can benefit your business.


FreeReally.pngBut switching an established service to a different service, just because the different service offers a few months free or some other ‘free’ enticement if you switch, may be more costly than you think.


Saving money is important to every business, but often times, ‘free’ has other costs associated with it. Usually it comes down to time and quality. Free often takes more time and it may not provide the quality to which you have grown accustom.


So, you may want to ask a few questions before jumping for that ‘free’ thing:

  1. Is this item/service an important component for the success of your business?
  2. What will it really cost you to switch?
  3. Is there a new learning curve?  Will you be able to adjust to the new system and how much time (a.k.a. cost) will that take?
  4. Does it provide the same level of support/quality?
  5. Will the ‘free’ period ultimately lock you into a higher rate or an inferior product/service?


The old adages “you get what you pay for” and “ain’t ‘nothing in life is free’  tend to prove themselves time and time again.


Over the long run, building reliable systems for your marketing and fostering relationships with your vendors, will pay off. Seek tools and services that compliment your business model and provide the level of support your business deserves.  Having solid vendors and processes can be quite… um… freeing.

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