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The Secret Sauce of Record-Breaking Year-End Campaigns


The Secret Sauce of Record-Breaking Year-End Campaigns

nfg.jpgAs summer ends we know non-profits are looking at how to continue to get success through the end of the year. This often involves running extra campaigns to make it a record breaking year! Network for Good shared “The Secret Sauce of Record-Breaking Year-End Campaigns” on their NonProfit Marketing Blog. Author Nancy Schwartz says this year-end checklist is one she has seen work time and time again.


Check out her list for how to prepare for the end of the year.


Figure out where you are right this moment. Look at your fundraising efforts up until this point.


Compare your year-to-date results with your benchmarks. This will help you figure out what is working and what isn’t.


Identify trends. Which audience is responding, who else can you reach and who do you need to rekindle a relationship with?


Plan. “Every connection you squeeze into 2014 allows you to deepen the relationship just a little more!”


Ramp up your team and your budget. Work hard to go above your goals by getting your website, donation processing and colleagues geared up to respond.


Go Go Go! Follow the plan you’ve written out.


Write right. Make sure all communications have a clear plan of action and personal tone.


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