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The Smart Way to Communicate With Remote Workers

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The Smart Way to Communicate With Remote Workers

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Having remote workers can often prove to be challenging. Sarah Johnson, of Intuit, shared 4 tips to help make communicating with them easier.


  • Use simple, actionable statements: Be clear about what you want them to accomplish. If you feel there is too much back and forth via email, pick up the phone and give them a call to clear up any confusion.
  • Use technology to your advantage: Use face-to-face technology, like Google Hangout or Skype.  You can also set up meetings on or WebEx.
  • Take charge of the situation: Keep in touch with your employees of what is going on at your company.
  • Meet in person occasionally: Truly get to know your employees by at least meeting up with them one a year.

Do you have remote workers? 

How do you deal with keeping them involved?


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