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The Value of Feedback

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The Value of Feedback

lady on phone.jpgHello fans, readers, curiosity seekers.  It's been a while since my last post. Sorry, like many of you I'm trying to become a blogger.  Hope everyone has had a great summer.  I love this time of year.  It's not to hot and not to cold.  Okay, In my previous post we uncovered The most unanswered question  , and the meaning of the 3 letters "W.H.Y"   and how if our motive is to help others we will build long lasting loyal customers.  With Constant Contacts  "ToolKit" we can everything in one place so we can focus on what we are trying to accomplish.  With the ToolKit, we have a variety of campaigns to chose from. 


So how do we tie all this together?  In order to give customers what they want.  We need to know what their interest is.  The best way to do that is ask. Believe it or not, this will separate you from your competion.  Very few people take the time to find out what others want or ask their opinion.  This shows others that you value them.  It also takes the guess work out of what they really want.  More on that later.


Knowing that, simply login to your account and look at the choices of campaigns.right at our finger tips.  For this goal we'll choose the Survey & Feedback campaign.  So what can we learn from feedback?  Feedback will give us the good, bad, and ugly about our blog post , website, our business , etc. from the others perspective.  Once we have all this information we are ready to deliver relevant content and offers that will keep our customers coming back for more.  For more tips be sure to check out our product specific post.  Remember , if we help enough people get what they want, we automatically get what we want.  Take this quick 3 question  Survey 





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