The Word Design Means More Than Artwork…

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The Word Design Means More Than Artwork…

I’ve read many articles, blog posts and the like since the first of the year. They were on a variety of subjects but the one word that kept entering my thought process was the word design.

I am an avid gardener. I use design in my garden beds. I have over a dozen garden beds. When I design a garden bed, I can deal with a variety of plants, annuals or perennials, shrubs or vines and so forth. It usually stays in that design for 4 or 5 years. Plus, I only need to redo two or three garden beds per year to keep my sanity.

Garden’s that necessitate a redesign are the garden bed is shady to sunny or to partly shady, or to wet to dry, or mother nature decided to blow one-half of a large tree into a neighbor’s yard. Yes, they are many distractions.

Our yard and pond we built took up a lot of time in the beginning. As you go from one season to another, you learn what mother nature gave you and it’s up to us make it enjoyable.

Designing marketing and advertising.

My profession in marketing and advertising requires a person and their team to learn how to use design elements to attract attention to potential customers and even reinforce your connection with customers. Just like in gardening, a marketing and advertising professional, has customer knowledge available and studied design elements to attract the right prospects leading to a potential customer.

There are many valuable tools and tactics to use for attracting the right prospects. Such as photographs, typography, colors, copywriting, landing pages, email, and so forth. Once a prospect is attracted, it’s time to use the next element of attention.

How? Present an offer no one can refuse. The offer must give them a good reason to buy, and depending on the size of potential customers, you’ll also need to find out more about them.

Let’s go back to gardening. If a gardener wants to attract more butterflies, there are certain plants and shrubs readily available. To attract hummingbirds, you need a lot of red, in plants, feeders and for their sweet taste, sugar water.

Think design when you want to reach more customers.

I spent two years of study at Southern Illinois University. The university introduced me to design of a different color. R. Buckminster Fuller, was the professor of design at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Illinois from 1959-1972. On display in their Morris Library, are R. Buckminster Fuller Design Models, and a collection of 153 scale models depicting R. Buckminster Fuller’s mathematical principles as structural concepts.

Mr. Fuller, is on the top of my list of visionary thinkers and creative doers who have changed the way people look at things. You’re probably familiar with the geodesic dome. The design is built with “Bucky Balls.” In addition, he was an author. He wrote a book titled “Operation Manual for Spaceship Earth” were there are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, only co-pilots.”

I heard him speak at SIU and he could talk a mile per minute and still make sense. I took a few design classes and thoroughly loved the experience. What I learned, I still use today.

When you have a chance, Google him. You will not be disappointed.

A new design reality.

Right now, designing marketing strategies, using advertising tactics and data, is on the top of many company’s marketing minds, to get more and better customers. But how?

Here are a few quotes you’ll find spec on with the word design.

“Customer expectations are changing more rapidly than ever before, so the long-lead approach of the traditional planning cycle is no longer effective. There’s some new reality designers have to confront —building digital experiences never really ends.”

“When creating digital experiences, it’s more effective to approach design iteratively — release, test, improve and repeat continuously. It’s a truth that’s been understood in disciplines like human factors and Agile software development for many years.”


By Steve Gustavson, an executive creative director at Adobe.


“Digital marketing brings more opportunities than ever before for brands to communicate with their audience. However, with the average attention span at 8 seconds (and falling), it is also more challenging than ever to make a genuine connection through advertising.”

Author, Clark Boyd, January 22, 2018, read more at ClickZ,

Direct marketers, direct response and direct data.

Direct marketing professionals have a very strong motivational gene in their DNA to reach more prospects, with relevant content and the capability to collect data. This was good in the short term, like in 2017, but adding more people in writing content is not the answer.

The answer for 2018, is creating designed content, delivered across many channels, where prospects are more likely to hangout. The answers are many and so is the competition. Hire people with a direct marketing mindset that can write compelling content. Use emerging technologies that are already starting to reshape your day-to-day environment.

Whatever industry your company is in, you need to increase your data and design a program that meets your objectives and customer acquisition goals.

I have designed a variety of small business marketing models that I plan on sharing with you soon. If you have any questions, please send me an email at, or call 800-251-3608. Also, visit for more information on our eVal program for analyzing your existing marketing operations.

Thanks for reading and sharing! 

Mike Deuerling, aka MarketingDoc




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