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The latest and greatest breakthroughs in marketing success are worth about a dime a dozen.

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The latest and greatest breakthroughs in marketing success are worth about a dime a dozen.

What goes around comes back around with better results. First off, you need energy to get that ball rolling and keep it rolling. This energy should be in your marketing strategy. Implementation of your messages via the various channels as email or social is tactical. So where does this energy come from? Is it solar? Or maybe it comes from that second donut?


Customer interaction pushes the ball forward. Rolling out new ideas for your product, creating special offers or even making your customer service better are always well-received by customers. The knowledge used to generate these ideas comes from the customer interaction.


Customer interaction is very important in small business marketing. Customer interaction should be ingrained within your marketing strategy.


Rolling out a new offer or promotion to your marketplace and seeing amazing results, builds a positive and confident feeling of success for the marketing team. That my friend is a form of energy that will start this customer-centric marketing ball to gain momentum and keep it moving forward. It's even a better feeling than eating that third donut.


Start the interaction with a good customer. What makes a good customer? One of the tools in a customer-centric marketing strategy is to build a targeted customer profile. That's why there are rings in a target. Not every good customer is the same. It's up to you categorize customer characteristics.  It may not be right the first time, but listen, test, and tweak your profiles.


Relevancy in your marketing messages is important. To become more relevant with marketing messages turn to a prospect. Remember, a potential customer can care less about your business. It’s what you can do for them. What do you offer that benefits them and if a business, their organization? Knowing this makes your messages more relevant and less of a chance to fall on deaf ears.


The easiest way to get this information is to ask questions at every opportunity when interacting with prospects. It may be tougher to get information but with the right perseverance, any information you get may lead to another promotion just waiting to happen.


One and done makes a good basketball tournament, but not a marketing strategy. Use the all-encompassing 80/20 rule. 80% of your target market may never respond to your marketing messages. Of the 20% who show some compassion, 10% may listen to what you have to say. 10% of those may ask for your price and become a customer.


No matter how you look at the numbers, your takeaway is to remain in touch with the 20% who may just, at some moment, make a purchase. That induces another form of energy from your marketing strategy when a touch turns into a sale.


Always take time to stop, look and listen to your customers and prospects. This time can teach you  a lot about your marketplace. Also, it will help you to make changes and eliminate the fear of “making assumptions.” Assumptions can surprise you. Using analytics to help you make good assumptions becomes a lot easier.


Being there when a customer has a need for your product or service, is what great marketing is all about.


Remember, the only deal that is truly incredible is a dime for a dozen donuts. The only marketing breakthrough you need to consider using is a customer-centric marketing strategy. And that is one you can take to the bank.




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