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The new "like" on Facebook


The new "like" on Facebook

Have you seen the change in the Like button on Facebook?  You now have more options than to just "Like" a post.  To get the new options, press and hold the like button.  


2-26-2016 7-52-31 AM.png


Here they are with an explanation for each emoticon: 


 2016-02-26_0810.png LIKE 
 2016-02-26_0811.png LOVE
 2016-02-26_0811_001.png HAHA
 2016-02-26_0811_002.png WOW
 2016-02-26_0811_003.png SAD
 2016-02-26_0812.png ANGRY


How do you plan on using the new Reactions for engagement on your pages?  


Want some more info, check out "7 Things to Know About Facebook's New Reaction Buttons" from Inc.

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Re: The new "like" on Facebook

These new emotions provide a great opportunity for networking and marketing.


1.) When someone responds with something more than a "like" it provides the poster with more feedback on how their post is perceived. Feedback is always important, and gaining more detailed feedback can prove beneficial in analyzing and updating your strategic marketing plan.

2.) A photo could be posted and it's acceptance/popularity can be measured by the types of emotions it elicits

3.) A contest could be conducted to see how many of a specific emotion a post will motivate.

4.) The emotions can elicit more interaction and conversations on the posts.



and so many more .....




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Re: The new "like" on Facebook

I tend to still just use the standard like button unless the commentary is about someone's misfortune. Then, it's not really appropriate to "Like" it. 

By the way, we've seen a very noticable decline in Facebook activity. We run several pages and it's the same on all of them. Along with that, FB has doubled their efforts to ask for advertising. We feel there's a direct coorelation and believe the days of free advertising on FB are coming to an end. 

Mike Donovan
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