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Things to Never Say When Giving a Speech

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Things to Never Say When Giving a Speech

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There’s great advice out there to help you if you give speeches.  But has anyone ever told you what you should not say when giving a speech?  Jacqueline Whitmore shared 6 tips over on the Entreprenuer Blog recently.


  1. “Um”  Avoid words that take up extra space, such as “like” “Uh” “Um”.  This takes away from the effectiveness of your speech and may cause people to want to count those words instead of listening to your speech. Which chances are, is more beneficial to them.
  2. “Hello? Can everyone hear me?” How many of us have heard this when listening to a speech?  Always check your equipment prior to your speech to ensure that everything works.
  3. “Well, I didn’t have much time to prepare.” Don’t start your speech with an excuse. If you appear confident, then everyone will believe it. Use a topic that you’re familiar with if you were given short notice.

Check out the rest of Jacqueline’s tips at “6 Things You Should Never Say During a Speech”.


What helps you when you’re giving a speech? Share with us here!

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Re: Things to Never Say When Giving a Speech

Important points and sound advice which has been repeated (and ignored) many times.


Four additional nuggets of advice that my first mentor years ago implanted in my in mind for every presentation I prepare and deliver is: (1) Speak from experience, rather than hypothetical or copying someone eles's work (2) Limit the number of times you refer to yourself :"I this...", "I that....." Even if the presentation is about how something was accomplished, always speaking from "I" will cause the audience to either not be able to relate, or they will turn off from impersonal overload. (3) Speak in singular "you" instead of plural "you". Plural you is: "how many of you want....."  Singular you is: "Are you interested in...." (4) Don't preach: "You should..." or "You are wrong if...."

Wishing you awesome and continuing success.

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Re: Things to Never Say When Giving a Speech

Great advice, Sumner!


Thanks for sharing those with us! :)

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