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Thinking of Advertising on Instagram?

Participating Solution Provider

Thinking of Advertising on Instagram?

Ever since it's launch in 2010 and subsequent acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has experienced steady growth and managed to position itself as one of the networks to be reckoned with in the social media space.


To date the network  boasts 300 million active users with 30+ billion photos shared(70 million average photos per day) and 2.5 billion likes daily. Wow! What did we do before social media again? :smileyface:


Of course with numbers like these, it would only make sense for them to join the club of networks who offer paid ad campaigns and so as of June of this year, we saw the introduction of  their call-to-action buttons : Shop Now, Learn More and Install Now. The only glitch was that the calls to action  took users to mini-apps within Instagram, as opposed to the websites of advertisers.


However as of this month, Instagram has rolled out  advertising opportunities for all brands… provided you enter via one of their developer partners. These partners include Ampush, Brand Networks, 4C, Kenshoo, Nanigans, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SocialCode and Unified.  A minimum spend is required so if you are a really small business you may have to still wait until later in the year.


Click here to read more about what will be in store!





Image Source: Placeit


Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA