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Time. Where does it go?!


Time. Where does it go?!

Small business owners wear a lot of hats and have so many responsibilities. I, for one, am always amazed and impressed to see what the small business owners who use Constant Contact get accomplished with only 24 hours in a day. How do you do it? What time management tips and tricks, or tools, do you use?


I've recently started using a timer so that I am more cognizant of how long it takes me to accomplish certain tasks. I also make sure that I start my day working on the material that takes the longest amount of time to complete. 


This infographic from Mavenlink shows just how valuable many small business owners consider their time to be. 


A Matter of Time


What do you think, is time the most valuable asset for your business?

Natalie B.
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Re: Time. Where does it go?!

Great infographic. Thank you for posting.


Time if the one asset we all share, and how we manage it can make a difference in our bottom line.


Excerpt from what I teach in Time Management classes:
Ways to manage time:
1.) Make it a priority

2.) Don't do personal tasks on business time.

3.) Rate each task 1-5 in importance including deadlines

4.) Designate how much time each task individually will take. Some tasks that are done often are easy to determine necessary time. If you can't determine full amount of time, assign one hour and then reassess during the hour if more or less time is needed.

5.) If you so similar tasks regularly, such as services you perform for clients, keep a spreadsheet of activity/time for easy reference. ( I also use this spreadsheet when determining how to quote a job)

6.) Schedule most important tasks when you are at your freshest - first thing in morning, one hour after lunch, midafternoon (each person has their own best time segments - determine yours)

7.) Make appointments for each task, and work on only that task during that time slot, unless an EMERGENCY arises. (Be real about the definition of an emergency) 

8.) Make appointments to read and post on your social media sites, close page/tab for that site when you are done to prevent revisiting when working on another task

9.) Use a timer to keep you on track.

10.) Use tracking software to show you your days’ results how you really use your time. Sometimes the visual numbers can help you understand your behavior. (I use
11.)Turn off social media notifications (ie: being notified when someone posts, comments, etc) Learn to delegate. Even solopreneurs can find support for some tasks.

12.) New tasks or unexpected tasks, define those that are emergencies and those that are secondary. Add to your appointment schedule.


The bottom line is that you are creating a habit of being personally responsible for your time. Make a commitment to yourself to try this type of time management system for one week. If it works, or you’re not sure, do it for 2 more weeks. If it works, continue.


If you are still overwhelmed, then assess what worked (keep that) and re-asses how to manage the parts that didn’t work.


Wishing you awesome and continued success.


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Re: Time. Where does it go?!

Great stuff Natalie and Sumner! May I also recommend a great book I read recently called "Eat that Frog" by Brian Tracy. The sub-title is "21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and get more done in less time." It's also a national bestseller. 

Mike Donovan
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